Why you must do DFM before making your plastic parts?

Why you must do DFM before making your plastic parts?

Tee-connector DFM feasibility

In this blog post, we want to discuss the #4 compelling reasons to perform injection moulding DFM before manufacturing your plastic components. At Amuse, we extensively iterate DFM to ensure certainty.


1. Minimizes your Tooling, Setup, Production and Material Cost

We can manufacture almost everything we design but with whoppingly high cost.  What if an insignificant feature contributes most of your cost. Thus, we always recommend adhering to the basic design guidelines in plastic injection moulding.


2. Accelerate Product to Market 

With DFM, you simplify the manufacturing process and tweak the design to meet functionality and performance. By doing so, you not only reduce manufacturing lead time but cut down iteration stages. As a result, you reach your customer faster and make sales ahead of your competition.


3. Help You Precisely Plan Your CTQ features

Identifying your Critical to Quality features can save a ton of cash. How? Because it is ok to compromise on quality in trivial regions, such as a feature where you do not see when assembled.  Also, one must clearly understand that their CTQs are the driving force behind your product performance and giving full attention is a mandate.


4. Dramatically Improve Customer Satisfaction

Understanding the achievable – feature, quality and aesthetics will help you bring flaws into the designed feature. In the end, the customer should not feel the unavoidable imperfection as a defect. So, plan and deliver a product that customers would love to use.


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