High Quality 3D Printing & Injection Moulding Services

Custom parts manufacturing, from rapid prototyping to production in just days. All parts are produced in-house in India, shipped worldwide.

Over 2 Million parts shipped to our 400+ trusted clients worldwide every year

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Certifications: ISO 9001 : 2015, IATF 16949:2016

High Quality 3D Printing & Injection Moulding Services.

Custom parts manufacturing,  from rapid prototyping to production in just days. All parts are produced in- house in India, shipped worldwide.

Over 1 Million+ parts shipped to our trusted clients

Over a million parts shipped to Top companies

Certification: ISO 9001 : 2015, IATF 16949 : 2016

HP MJF 3D printed strainer in Amuse

Get your parts for Injection moulding & 3D printing services here.

Turn your product ideas to life. Start your concept design here.

Serving Global OEMs as well as Tier 1 suppliers. Start your serial production here.

Our Manufacturing Services

3D Printing

HP MJF, FDM, SLA Technologies

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Injection Moulding

Protomould & Production Tool

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Our Manufacturing Services

3D Printing

FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF Technologies

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Injection Moulding

Protomould & Production Tool

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HP MJF 3D Printing system

We operate the world’s most advanced industrial 3D Printing system in-house, with multiple HP MJF 5200 systems. You no longer need to worry about precision, quality, and lead time at an affordable cost. Start 3D printing it today with our MJF.

AMUSE MJF 3D Printing Free Sample request

We believe in delivering excellence from the very start. That’s why we offer HP MJF 3D printed samples of your part to validate. Try before you buy, and experience the difference in precision and quality with MJF 3D Printing. Upload your model or request our part. 

Cutting-Edge Inhouse Manufacturing Technology

We employ cutting-edge technologies and materials from industry leaders in our integrated facility with Injection Moulding, CNC machining and 3D Printing in Chennai.

All brand we deploy in house at Amuse
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Why choose Amuse 3D Printing and Injection Moulding services?

Quality in everything we do. No shortcuts!

Amuse customer success

"Design, prototype and mass-produce - all in one integrated factory"

That’s our strength. We have it all for you in one place, making your manufacturing easier. Whether it’s single prototype or production parts, from 3D printing to injection molding with secondary services, we’ve got you covered. No more wasting time and money exchanging files between vendors. Experience streamlined production, unbeatable quality, and cost efficiency at its finest with Amuse. Start your project with us and witness the difference.

How it works


Simply drag and drop your 3D CAD model into our platform. Select your relevant configuration and options.

Get a Quote in seconds

With our integrated & automated approach you get an instant quote. Once you place your order, we will immediately study your requirement and give DFM feedback.

Get your parts much faster

After DFM review, we make sure your parts are manufactured to perfection and delivered to you on time everytime.

Engineering is at the core of our approach. We actively engage with you and industry experts to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing demands across the sectors we serve. This collaborative and forward-thinking approach ensures we not only meet current needs but also explore opportunities in new markets, driving progress and delivering solutions that lead the way in technological advancement.

Amuse 3D Engineering

We specialise in rapid prototyping and manufacturing, leveraging our top-class HP MJF 3D Printer fleet to drastically reduce the time from product development to market. Using a fully digital process, we streamline product development and prepare for immediate serial production for you. We offer you a pack of Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) that also encompass Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and FMEA to qualify your industrial standard.
Amuse Advanced quality 

Earning a status as a trusted partner in serial production takes dedication. We commit ourselves to building that trust every day. Our established clients rely on us for innovative solutions that challenge other suppliers. Our expansive 50,000 Sqft factory in Chennai is equipped with advanced technology to meet the needs of industries such as automotive, heavy industries, consumer electronics, and aerospace. Each year, we produce over 2 million parts to our clients worldwide. 

Amuse Serial Production

Our Services

Design and Application

What makes a product great? All great products solve a problem with a responsible design to meet its purpose. Every application demands a unique design solution. Our Design & Application team clearly understands this vital process and adds value to your product development journey. We expertise in 

Whether you are seeking assistance in your early concept design or somewhere towards production, we are here to make your product perform better.

Amuse Injection moulding capabilities with machining and complex design
Amuse Injection moulding capabilities with machining and complex design

sustainable Manufacturing

When you begin your manufacturing process, it is of paramount importance to make it lean and eco-friendly. We give attention to detail in bringing down the carbon footprint throughout the product life cycle. How? Our indigenous Amuse index will help us leverage lightweight design and energy sources for all the parts coming out of our door. Start your sustainable manufacturing with us.

Learn more on how Amuse Index works. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Amuse, we pledge to protect our customer’s intellectual property. Securing IP’s is done in the following ways

  • Protected file management
    When you share your part data with Amuse, your parts are intelligently assigned a unique identification number removing any customer identification data (e.g., Part number) from the CAD models and the drawing files before sharing with our manufacturing partners.
  • Manufacturing Partner Management
    All our manufacturing partners are governed by our non-disclosure agreement, which enforces client data security.
  • Stealth Mode
    We understand how crucial concept ideas are for our customers who are building a great product; we operate in stealth mode in such circumstances. The customer data will be kept anonymous in our database.

At Amuse, quality is deeply rooted in the ways we operate, being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company we make sure that the parts we deliver meet the dimensional tolerances and the operational parameters required with absolute zero compromises on quality.

Processing Plastic is not always harmful to the environment, when you chose your manufacturing partner wisely it becomes way more environmentally friendly. At Amuse, we have molded our Product development cycle to be faster, greener, and sustainable at the same time so that your parts will be delivered with a greener impact to the environment every time.

Amuse is happy to provide basic dimensional report along with material data sheets, if any advanced inspection reports using CMM or laser scanning is required you can add these services when you place your order.
If you are a serious engineer, we are here. An application engineer from our end will draft a quality plan and checkpoints exclusively for your product. You have the liberty to work in a transparent way to control this process. These flow charts will be updated upon our feedback in the PLM. 
Since your data are recorded in our ERP, all changes are updated automatically. This way, you can control the process from Proto, Pilot and PPAP to full-scale production.  

Our main objective is to advance your product to market faster. 

Having built 150+ products and this number is growing exponentially. Our value proposition helps companies develop their products faster, lean, and environmentally sustainable all in one place.

After all, making manufacturing more accessible and easy for everyone while building your great here is what drives us.

The best time to launch your product is when you feel like you’re ready. The best time to launch is NOW!

In contrast, we say moulded parts are expensive because of fixed tooling investment. What you should do here? Simply execute Plan-Do-Check-Act with your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Do we mean to sell the MVP to your customer? It’s a partial Yes because it is the best way to understand the user experience. But don’t test its performance/functionality which we recommend you to validate before any launch.

Your customers are already waiting. Get your MVP part tested with 3D Printing today.

Insight to test early product designs can help get your product right in mass production with injection moulding.

Our factory is located in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur near Chennai. However, we have dedicated experts working in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Hosur, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. 

For 3D printing orders: After production, your parts are shipped at your door within 24 hrs. Sometime your parts reach your hands same day. 

For international shipping parts can reach your hands between 3 to 6 days. Our DHL partner can ship your package as fast as 2 days.

*Note: International orders have higher production priority as it has high transit time than local.  

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