Our Quality

With the rapid growth of on-demand manufacturing, we emphasize care for each quality parameter to bring about high-quality plastic parts to you.

Amuse Quality Parts

Delivering high-quality products is a mandatory part of any Manufacturing process. It affects the Critical to Quality (CTQ). We show utmost care to every small detail that makes your parts perform better, that is what keeps us moving forward. 

Quality without results is pointless. In short, with our deep core policy, we believe understanding the customer CTQ’s is not an act, it is a habit. And having firm control over the process affecting CTQ has ensured high-quality products altogether.  

After all, we believe quality and trust cannot be claimed but earned. 

Amuse Quality Policy for every 3D printing parts

Our Certifications

ISO 9001 : 2015

Startup india Recognition

10 Most Promising 3D printing Companies

Firmly adhering to our quality promise

Amuse values all quality management principles deeply on ISO 9001: 2015, with the utmost priority to elevate customer satisfaction. 

Timely basis, along with the quality team, our entire workforce consistently receive feedback and improvement points. Then, we work on it immediately for development. This cycle repeats, going through long iteration ultimately advancingthe efficiency in the 3D printing and Injection Moulding process.

Above all, we strive to bring you the world-class experience in manufacturing your great product here

Delivering 10X Precision

So let's build your next quality parts here