How to efficiently design identical plastic parts-Tips?

How to efficiently design identical plastic parts-Tips?

Plastic injection moulding is a process used to manufacture a wide range of different objects. It’s used in industries such as automotive, consumer products and industrial goods.


In this blog, we will discuss some of the engineering design considerations  when designing two identical parts via an injection moulding manufacturing process. Often these considerations are overlooked because they’re not obvious or require more thought than designing parts with variation in mind.


There are a few important things to keep in mind when designing identical parts for mass production. Hopefully, this tips will help!


1. Make it identical, Seriously!

In the mating region, having all the holes or bosses (Male or female) in the individual components will not make it identical.  Why? You end up with two different tools for the single identical component.

The key to successfully designing a mirrored part is to simply implement the “Twinning is winning” (let’s call it his way) strategy. Another simple yet powerful technique.

When we try to minimize part cost we tend to think of all sophisticated ways to achieve it. The best thing is that simple design changes can help you save weight while also avoiding unnecessary costs in your plastic parts.




2. Don’t forget to number your part.

If you are going with multi-cavity moulding, it’s difficult to trace out the part if want to make any corrections in any of the cavities.


3. Follow tolerance guidelines.

In high precision parts, sometimes it’s tough to identify tolerances with assembly. We recommend here to check assembly in CAD and try 3D Printing it.



  • No additional tooling investment
  • Avoids confusion in the assembly- eliminates other errors.
  • Cost savings in the production, inventory, & logistics.
  • Increases the productivity

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