How do we bring High-quality custom parts to you?

How do we bring High-quality custom parts to you?

high quality custom parts

In this blog, we will dicuss why quality planning and control in every stage is responsible for High-quality 3D printed plastic components. The idea everywhere is stated when there is failure due to quality. Every iteration should aid us in the quality improvements. Besides, a small marginal improvement does count. So, let’s get started here.


 Delivering high-quality products is a mandatory part of any Manufacturing process. Indeed, It affects our Critical to Quality (CTQ).  We believe quality and trust cannot be claimed but earned. Thus, we show utmost care to every small thing that makes your parts perform better.

In this section, we want to highlight how we control quality. First, we analyze the end part finish or quality with an  Ishikawa diagram usually called a fishbone. However, we are not discussing in-depth quality standards here.

Fishbone diagram to highlight parameters that affect the print quality


Material handling

Material handling after the purchase of raw material is taken up with the utmost care. The storage conditions are maintained for the materials and these are controlled before your material is consumed in manufacturing. We consider the storage conditions and material handling giving it the highest priority. The material handling quality checks are implemented and some are given below for a better understanding of our strict material handling measures.

We maintain consistent filament diameter for FDM at 1.75mm

High quality of the Raw material (Resin, Filament, Powder) 

Storage before and after filament preparation.

  • Moisture absorption is a common problem with a filament. Leaving the filament open atmosphere creates poor extrusion in FDM
  • Packaging of the filaments (Vacuum sealing and silica gel packets prevents moisture absorption) in FDM
  • Resin shelf life for SLA
  • Powder handling reuse capability.

At Amuse, we procure the best raw materials in the global market for your parts. To name a few BASF, DUPONT, DSM, POLYMAKER, HENKEL. This crucial step of importing the best material by Amuse for 3D printing in Chennai is a significant step in improving the final part quality. 


Data preparation

data preparation process


Data preparation is done at the 3D printing site or customer side. The quality of the final part depends on the data preparing specialist who is working on the digital file till the printer ends. 


Control segments:

›       Part geometry CAD

›       Error-free STL (Standard Tessellation Language) export- Good triangulation

›       Slicer Tool

  • Advanced printing parameters 
  • The orientation of the part on the build platform
  • Support structure generation to print overhangs
  • Selection of layer height and infill percentage.

Our CAD/CAE experts refine your part to the best fit for 3D printing by using sophisticated 3D printing software tools that dramatically reduce the lead time and instantly repair your part files. 


Printing Process  

At the printer end – quality depends on machine capability to print this filament. Factors influencing the final part are numerous, but we highlight the significant parameters.

›       Extrusion mechanism to pull material in FDM 3D Printing

›       Build platform

›       Material Storage space – to prevent prolonged exposure to the environment while printing

Like the best materials, we deploy the best machines to consistently produce reliable parts.



After printing the part, removal of support material creates a poor surface quality leaving behind support marks. But why Support generation? To print overhangs less than 50 deg, to dissipate in case of DMLS, prevent damage while removing bed in SLA.  Thus, a good strategy is orientating the part where support structures are not in contact with the aesthetic and functional surface. 


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