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Our 3D Printing Capabilities

Amuse-FDM 3D printing cover


For low cost prototypes during early stage product development.

Amuse SLA 3D Printing Cover


For your high resolution intricate geometry from visual to functional prototype.

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Faster prototyping - ideal for bringing production-grade functionality with 3D Printing.

Amuse 3D Printing in SLS


Ideal functional prototypes for batch production at the level industrial grade

DFAM - Design for Additive Manufacturing

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3D Printing Materials

Find out the detailed portfolio of 3D Printing materials we deal with.

Cutting-Edge Inhouse Manufacturing Technology

We employ cutting-edge technologies and materials from industry leaders in our integrated facility with Injection Moulding, CNC machining and 3D Printing in Chennai.

All brand we deploy in house at Amuse
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3D printing FAQs

In simple terms, 3D Printing gives a physical form to an idea or a design.

We popularly refer to the technology that offers a physical form to the design as 3D Printing. The more holistic term 3d printing also known as Additive Manufacturing. We have also seen industries referring to Rapid Prototyping (RPT), Rapid Manufacturing, and Direct Manufacturing.  

The exact definition goes like this “Additive manufacturing is a process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing technologies.”

Every technology offers unique advantages over others in bringing functionality, finish, and standards.

  • Vat Polymerisation: Stereolithography – SLA, Digital Light Processing – DLP
  • Material Extrusion: Fused Deposition Modelling – FDM
  • Powder Bed Fusion: Selective Laser Sintering – SLS, Direct Metal Laser Sintering – DMLS, or Selective Laser Melting – SLM for metal
  • Binder Jetting: Material Jet Fusion (MJF)
  • Sheet lamination: LOM
  • Material Jetting: MJP Polyjet
  • Directed Energy deposition: Laser Melting Deposition 

Choosing the right 3D Printing technology are based on the part geometry, material and also the application.

  • Design Validation / Rough Prototype: To primarily check the form and fit of the products in initial stage of the product development life cycle. Most commonly used technology here is Fused Deposition Modelling ( FDM ).
  • Aesthetic Prototype: Prototype used in marketing campaigns which replicate the finish of the final product. Technologies used – FDM or SLA with post processing.
  • Functional Prototype/ Small batch production: 3D printed parts for end use applications. The commonly used technologies are SLS or MJF. MJF in certain cases also facilitates smaller batch production of thermoplastic parts instead of investing in tooling.

Sometimes the material choice also plays a major role in selecting the right technology. Since each technology has its own portfolio of materials. Visit our material page or download our material brochure here. 

The cost of 3D Printing depends on various factors such as part complexity, material and the technology used. We have developed a quoting system that incoporates raw material, building strategy, time to print and post processing, which  quickly estimates the cost for 3D Printing in Chennai. Upload your part and get an instant quote.

Though 3D Printing has lesser limitations in terms of manufacturing, there are certain factors to be considered while designing based on technology. Upload your parts and get free manufacturability feedback with a quote to ensure the success of your prints. Our approc hor process of 3D Printing in Chennai have given firm certainity in creating your parts at great quality. Besides all, we have mastered the quality way of working with OEM supplies right from quality alerts in our cloud ERP.  

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