Beginning with Design to Production

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We strive to provide value-added solutions to you with our proven knowledge and capabilities in plastic design and application.

Why choose Amuse Design and Application?

Our passion for 3D Printing

We will assist you in taking your idea from concept to creation and optimising your design for 3D printing along the process.  This includes a lightweight design and a design that fits your low-volume production with 3D Printing as a viable economic option. 

Build it 10X fast.

We design, prototype, and even mass-produce your great product all under one roof. Thus, your product is developed faster, better and more economical. Our experience in all stages of product creation, from R&D to production, can help you strategize a successful market launch.

Engineered to Perfection

Making great products is about more than just engineering. It’s the culmination of art, science and technology working together. We design products to make a difference, from tiny improvements to big leaps forward. And we do it fast. 


Reduce your product development time with our experienced design approach.