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Amuse Manufacturing

Amuse Manufacturing division supplies products and services to Indian and global OEMs as well as Tier 1 suppliers. We work with top brands in Automotive, Heavy Industries and Consumer Electronics. We are proud to be globally approved suppliers for our OEM supplies. 

Speed matters- we understand the Automotive industry requires a quick turnaround. And most importantly, a cost-effective solution right from R&D to Production. Together, we leverage and produce parts extremely lean throughout the life cycle. What’s more? Our integrated approach with 3D printing and plastic design accelerates your product development significantly. 

Amuse integrated factory in Orgadam, Chennai ( 50,000 Sq ft) with cutting-edge capabilities in industrial 3D Printing, Injection Moulding, and CNC machining can deliver high-quality custom parts to you in as fast as 24 hours.

What Industry 4.0 means to us?

The Future Manufacturing is Digital, & Data Driven. Let's Integrate

HP MJF 5200 Amuse display

Leveraging Additive manufacturing/3D Printing in all stages to deliver product at unimaginable Speed

Amuse ERP + CRM + Cloud computing

Making best out of Cloud computing by implementing SaaS ERP, Digital Twin CAD & CAE, Digital Inventory. Instant Quote platform

Amuse MES Implementation picture

Performance upgradation with Internet of Things, OEE & MES implementation

We understand that your application is unique, whether you look for metal to plastic replacement, fastening, clamping, enclosure or think of new plastic products. Let’s develop.